Project Goal

Develop a platform for ordering logo design with a cool admin panel for managing and monitoring orders, loading designers and payment statuses.

The difficulties we have overcome

The most time-consuming project was its connection to many third-party services. Among them are integration with PayPal and PayEX payment systems, connection to the Fontknox accounting service and, for dessert, synchronization with the VAT payer base to facilitate the work of legal entities from the Eurozone countries.

how does it work

The user selects a suitable package of services, pays for it in a convenient way. Then the administrator receives a notification of the receipt of a new order and distributes it to free designers. Depending on the selected package, up to 3 logo options are prepared. As a result, the client receives a letter with the logo options in which he can accept or continue to work.

Admin Panel

Each of the designers, in addition to the number of completed orders, has an indicator of the style in which he works, which greatly facilitates the choice of the artist if this style was specified by the client.






Total Time of Developement

14 weeks



Number of Updates

4 versions